Industrial Blower & Pump Service

John Golden, Owner

Phone: 205-542-7702
Toll Free: 800-889-4400 (U.S.A.)

Service, Repair and Troubleshooting for Centrifugal Blowers and Exhausters

We Travel To You

        On-site service is available throughout the United States, and in many cases, Worldwide. Please contact us today to assess your machine's condition. We will analyze your situation to determine the steps necessary to resolve the problem. If we feel that on-site service may be necessary we can discuss the options. Please call for rates and availability.
On-Site Services Available:

1. Installation Assistance

2. Start Up Service

3. System Operation

4. Laser Alignment

5. Vibration Analysis

6. Replace Bearings, Gaskets and Seals

7. Troubleshooting System and Process Issues

8. Training for Operators

9. Training for Maintenance Personnel

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